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India is a market of the global importance and international interest for the export of organic spices and organic herbs. The large cultivation of organic spices has made us the blooming and flourishing spices market in the world. We cultivate an array of pesticide free whole spices which are sold in the international market in whole, blended and powdered forms. In last few decades, we have extensively worked on increasing the export of high-quality organic spices in order to align with the rising global demand. In addition to our standard organic spices range, Unique Fragrances offer an extensive selection of organic spices that you can import under your own Private Label. To achieve the utmost quality and safety, all our products undergo a meticulous pre-fumigation process using Carbon Dioxide in specially designed Cocoon Bags. This 15-day long process, not only guarantees the safety of the products but also extends the shelf life, ensuring that you receive the fresh organic spices. We offer multiple packaging options for your convenience including PET Jars, Stand-Up Pouches, and the eco-conscious choice of Eco-Friendly Paper Bags. The export of organic spices from India is a testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and the growing preference for organic spices globally.

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