The Journey of

Unique Fragrances



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Our Journey

The journey of Unique Fragrances is one of passion, perseverance and unwavering hard work with only one motto in heart “Taking India to The World”.

Hailing from Delhi, Mr. Deepak Luthra founded Unique Fragrance some 27 years ago. A dedicated approach towards quality and consideration towards 100% authentic experience while exporting 15000+ Indian grocery items to across 29 nations with major exports to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, made Unique Fragrance one of the leading Exporters of Indian Groceries in India.

As the years rolled on, Unique Fragrances’s vision and mission started taking the shape. We have been recognised by the government as 2 star export house and soon we got the reputable accreditations such as ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9001:2005. We found our niche in exporting Indian spices, organic lentils, and condiments which found their way into kitchens across the globe. We took India to those who were away from India but always had Indian cuisines, Indian spices, Indian flavours, Indian culture, Indian traditions and Indian products close to their hearts. Unique Fragrances became beacon for the renowned Indian grocery importers across continents and with the support of our staller team and management our export business flourished, uniting cultures and tantalizing palates with Indian offerings. Not only this, after near two decades of success in our exporting business we successfully entered in the manufacturing of the Indian spices which helped us in providing the purest, safest and most aromatic spices to our importers.

Our portfolio is the testament of our dedication towards exporting nothing but the best to the world. We have illustrious range of spices, jaggery, shakkar, organic food products, bakery products like rusk and cookies, mouth fresheners, Indian snacks, healthy bytes, puja and religious items. We have rather larger product catalogue under private labels.

Unique Fragrances enjoys wholesome relationship with our importing partners as we drive on world class quality, on-time delivery and robust after-sales service support. Our expertise in helping our clients with importing documentation and regulations sets us apart from our competitors. We are also proud to be US-FDA approved and the 1st spice company in North India with an Automatic Spice Cleaning Plant.

With every shipment that leaves the shores of India, we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment—a fulfilment of our dream to share the tapestry of Indian culture with the world.

Our Timeline


Started with Exports of Tobacco Products.


Started Exporting Indian Groceries to USA and Canada.


Started manufacturing Spices.


Entered Australian and New Zealand markets.


Setup our factory (first automation cleaning plant installed)


Third manufacturing unit in Rai industrial area & first ETO sterilization unit in spice industry installed


Honoured with national award-for manufacturing and Entrepreneurship


New factory – Nagaur, Rajasthan


Awarded First Prize for Manufacturing Excellence in Exports by the Government of India


90,000 sq facility in Bahalgarh, Sonipat with installed capacity of 10,000 metric tones


MSME Export Excellence award for Spices Export

How We Work

Work Process

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  • Our Mission

    We are dedicated to becoming your first choice business partner. We want to help maximize the collective scale and the qualities of the group to negotiate the strongest deals and most competitive prices to deliver exquisite services for our clients helping them to save more and sell more with our timely deliveries. Unique Fragrance’s aspires to reach 500 Cr. benchmark by 2025.

  • Our Vission

    Unique Fragrances wants to empower organisations and help them realise their true global trade potential without limitations. Our vision is to be involved in your global strategy. With Unique Fragrances holding the umbrella for you, you’d be able to focus on your core business activities, while offering a new level of service to your clients.

  • Our Values

    We are a global family that values diversity and integrity. We maintain respect within the organisation. We put you and your needs first. We trust each other by creating a culture that value each other’s contribution We own and shape our future with continuous innovation and improvements.

Our Founder's Vision

Our Chairman, Mr. Deepak Luthra is the anchor behind Chukde Spices. A graduate from Delhi University, he worked for State Bank of India and Televista in his early years. Being someone with an eye for business and never shying away from exploring new opportunities, he ventured into Waste Paper Business, Katha Manufacturing, Export of Groceries before getting into Spice Manufacturing. His commitment towards his work and a focus on innovation and R&D is what led to Chukde becoming The Safest Spices of India.

Deepak Luthra Chairman

Our Founder's Vision

Our Director, Mr. Rajat Luthra is one of the key pillars of the brand. Rajat is an MBA degree holder from IMT Ghaziabad. Being one of the youngest members among the founders, he always brings a fresher perspective to the table. Before joining the business, he worked with Airtel which helped him take a more professional approach in a family-owned set-up. His oratory skills, eagerness to learn new things, and love for new challenges make him the perfect person to lead the Sales and Marketing Activities in the company.

Rajat Luthra Director

Our Founder's Vision

Our Director, Mr. Vikram Luthra is the sound support that every company needs. An MBA degree holder from FORE School of Management, he worked with Citibank before starting his Chukde journey. Vikram has always been good with numbers and someone with an analytical mind. Passionate and forward-looking, he is always ready for new learnings that can help him grow the business exponentially. Vikram handles the Procurement and Production aspect of the business where his strategic thinking is always in play.

Vikram Luthra Director

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Our Team, Our Pride

We are a group of passionate and driven people who are constantly striving to give our best. With seeking spirits and supporting attitudes all the members co-exist and thrive. By encouraging every individual to take lead in their respective departments we ensure they grow along with the company.

It is these strong values that make up for the DNA that drives our organization.