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Unique Fragrances is the significant exporter of FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods products. Since the year 1996, we have been supplying 13500+ Indian grocery items and FMCG products to more than 29 countries at extremely competitive prices while ensuring timely dispatch and delivery of the consignment. Our diverse list of FMCG products exported from India covers categories like food, beverages, personal care, household goods and much more. We proudly offer the flexible and paperboard packaging as per the requirement of our clients. Our infrastructure is one of the key factors contributing to the successful exports around the globe. Our vast sourcing capabilities, a skilled workforce, and a growing global demand for quality FMCG products drives us to supply the essence of India to the world. Our exports help strengthen the global presence of our FMCG industry, making India a competitive player in the international market. Unique Fragrance’s reputation as a reliable FMCG exporter continues to grow, with our extensive list of products meeting international standards and preferences. 

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