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Unique Fragrances is a prolific exporter of organic oils, including mustard oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil, and many more. Renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, India boasts a diverse range of organic oil offerings suitable for different taste pallets. Mustard oil, with its distinct pungent flavor, is a staple in many regional Indian cuisine and is exported globally because of its huge demand,  renowned for its health benefits. Sesame oil, known for its nutty taste, high-quality antioxidants, and incredible health benefits such as good heart-health and maintained levels of diabetes and blood pressure. Groundnut or Peanut oil, is widely exported for its versatility and high nutritional value. These oils are rich sources of healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, contributing to overall well-being. The nutritional value of our organic oils is carefully preserved through stringent processing standards at our plants, ensuring that consumers worldwide receive premium quality culinary ingredients. Through the export of organic oils we cater to the global demand for healthy oils. we offer a remarkably low MOQ of just 1000 liters for private labeling, making it accessible for businesses of varying sizes to benefit from our high-quality organic oils. This flexibility is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients and foster long-term partnerships. These oils are generally packed in PET bottles.

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