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As leading private label jaggery manufacturers in India, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring organic and ethically sourced jiggery. You can import high quality jagger under your brand name and can make an outstanding place for yourself in the heats of your consumers. Our commitment includes a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months, and we stand by our promise of a fungus-free product achieved through an ETO sterilization process. Crafted to perfection, our jaggery is available in various pet jar packaging options, tailored to meet diverse customer requirements. Embrace the essence of purity and natural sweetness in every bite, knowing that our private label jaggery carries the assurance of quality, ethical sourcing, and the authenticity of Indian flavors. Choose Pesi Jaggery and Punjabi Shakkar for an unparalleled experience, where tradition meets innovation, setting a new standard in the world of organic jaggery.

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