Is a Big Yard Just an Excuse to Ignore Your Dog?

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Ignore Your Dog

This mother captures beautiful photos of her children?s summers spent without computers (as seen in the featured image above). Participating shelters reduced or waived their adoption fees, and many got a lot of local press coverage which helped make the event an awesome success. You?ve turned them into a nuisance. That?s what we bred dogs for, to either work alongside us or be our companions. ? I walk by your dogs every single day and get frustrated ? not at them, but at you. But when we actually take a look at why our dogs are barking we might begin to understand that our dogs certainly aren?t being troublesome on purpose. Awesome stories about shelter dogs changing their owners lives.Is a Big Yard Just an Excuse to Ignore Your Dog? Last updated on April 18, 2019 By Puppy Leaks Have you noticed how often the term ?big yard? is mentioned when it comes to adopting a dog? ?Oh Fido would benefit from a big yard to run in? I know we mean well by desiring these things for our dogs, but having a big yard does not guarantee a dog will be well taken care of. If you know of any dogs in the Detroit area that live their entire life on a chain please contact Since 2011 they?ve been working to enhance the lives of dogs by providing insulated dog houses, secure fencing, spay & neuter assistance, vaccines, heartworm medication, treats, toys, food, and owner education to those in need. Sure you?ve got the food, water, and shelter part down, but dog?s need more. Be sure to check out her series from as well. Our dogs have a whole variety of ways they communicate with us, though we tend to only pick up on the obvious ones ? such as growling or tails wagging. And when it comes to the topic of pain medications I can tell you how much of a relief they?ve been for Laika. While it?s admirable to want to save every animal it?s important to realize that some dogs are too unpredictable to be considered safe. They seem to be under the impression that their big yard is all a dog really needs. ? Recommended Reading. They run along the fence and act a fool, which of course sets my dog off. Consequently, their access to reinforcers is contingent upon appropriate behavioral responses within the human social environment. How sad is that? And more than just craving a routine dogs really love having things to do, and when they get to do those things with their human it?s even better. Dedication and commitment make a good dog owner, not their yard. According to a recent study the amount of a dog receives is a pretty good indicator of his quality of life. I really admire this couple for putting forth so much effort to help their dog. Awesome Dog Articles of the Week I Killed My Dog Today If you couldn?t tell from the title this one is a real tearjerker. Last Saturday 400 shelters across the county participated in the ?clear the shelters? event which ended up finding homes for over 18,000 animals. But how could I blame them? They?re bored, they?re frustrated, and they?re making their own rules. Dog?s don?t get all the exercise and stimulation they need by being alone in your big yard all day long. It reminds me of rescues requiring potential adopters to have a Having a fence is not a good indication of how an owner is going to treat their dog. Try not to smile, I dare you. This is an open letter to the owners of the many crazy, barking dogs I walk by every single day. It?s not considered ?cruel? to leave him alone outside all day? but come on. Your big yard is nice, but it?s not enough. Some interaction will do him good, and you might just be surprised at how awesome he really is. A dog that?s alone and ignored doesn?t have a chance to be either. Part of responsible dog ownership is showing them what to do and how to behave, but you just ignore your dog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Now a team at UC Davis has started training a couple of dogs to help them screen urine, saliva, and breath samples to detect cancer. By ignoring your dog you?ve created frustration, for both your dog and all of your neighbors. I thank them for sharing their story, I know it?s not an easy one to tell. These are the sorts of summers I remember as a child, long days spent outdoors playing out in the fields, catching snakes, swimming, and running around til it got dark. Maybe you didn?t realize it when you got them but your dogs are social creatures ? they actually like human attention. Yes, you have a big yard, but now I?m starting to wonder if having a big yard just became another excuse for you to ignore your dog. Working with a veterinarian you trust that helps you weight out the benefits vs risks is key. Unfortunately from what I?ve seen in my neighborhood some people seem to think their big yard is enough. Previous research has found that dogs have the ability to sniff out prostate cancer in urine samples with 98% accuracy. You?re right that it?s not as bad, but it?s still not a fun way to live. On the positive side I?ve gotten plenty of practice training my own dog to be less reactive to yours, but it?s still not something I like to see day after day. Research has found that dogs also use their gaze to tell us when there?s something interesting going on, and some even make a noise. Is a big yard or fence nice? Of course, but they?re luxuries, not necessities. How many times have you heard people complaining about their dogs barking? Quite a bit I imagine, according to a recent paper it?s estimated that nuisance barking is a behavioral problem in 1/3 of our dogs. But no, your lonely dog is not a happy sight to see every day. Favorite Dog Videos of the Week Another amazing video by the . And I know what you?re thinking; being fenced in isn?t as bad as being chained up. Best Dog Deals of the Week Burts Bees 4 oz Bottle 69% Off ? Amazon Stainless Steel Safari Diamond 65% Off ? Amazon Kyjen Outward Hound in Blue 46% Off ? Amazon Orders $40 or More w/promo code B2S40A ? Entirely Pets This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. Anxious and fearful dogs who have no way to escape from approaching people or animals may resort to lunging, snapping or biting to protect themselves. Domestic dogs remain dependent on humans for primary reinforcers, such as food, water, access to mates, and even touch, throughout their lifetimes. Be sure to follow on facebook to see all of the awesome work they do Recommended Reading Roundup 28 ? Awesome Dog Articles of the Week Last updated on December 27, 2018 By Puppy Leaks From the awesome ?clear the shelters? event to training dogs to sniff out cancer, here are my favorite dog articles of the week. Your dog is not a livestock guardian, and unless you count running along the fence and barking all day as his job yours is pretty aimless and frustrated. When isolated with limited human companionship, even friendly dogs may become bored and frustrated, leading to excessive barking, running away, aggression or depression. Dogs thrive with a routine; and me walking by yours is now part of theirs. Try a nice long walk, cuddle on the couch, a game of fetch, or a nice to keep him busy. ? I know that as long as a dog has food, water, and shelter you?re complying with the law. Yes, I?ll continue to pet food them if I know they?re friendly, and yes I?ll continue to talk to them nicely to make their tails wag. Our pet?s tend to show their pain through behavior, not noise ? so just because a dog isn?t crying doesn?t mean they?re not in pain. Dogs are social animals, your ?wild? Malamute included. They?re digging, barking, lunging, and running along that fence all day long. Dear neighbors who leave their dogs outside all the time, I see your dog every single day, and from what I can tell I might be giving him more attention than you do. They need companionship, or at least a little attention and fun now and again

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